Barn Doors Gallery

3 Chevron Design

For Closet

Classic Chevron

For Restroom

Arrow Chevron Design For Office

S Design

H Design

5 Panel Frosted Glass

Abstract Modern Design

Organic Design With Natural Stain

K Design For Media Room

Abstract Design

Chevron design

Full Chevron With Natural Stain

Stain Barn Door With Metal Clavos

Slant Design

3 Frosted Glass With Stain

H Design For Pantry

3 Panel Frosted Glass

Panel Barn Door For Theater Room

Chevron Modern Barn Door

K Design Barn Doors with Bypass hardware

Finished Barn Door

6x Barn Doors

By Bass Barn Doors

Chevron Custom Doors

Z Design door

Two X Design With Horseshoe Hardware

Bypass Chevron Design For Tight Spaces

French Door K Design

Gold Handle On BLK Chevron Door

Bypass K Design For Office Space

Sun Barn Door

3 Chevron Design

Chevron Barn Doors with Ceiling Hardware

Barn Door with Frosted Glass

Chevron Barn Door With Gold Handles

2X Barn Doors With Bypass hardware

H Design Double Bypass Barn Door

Stain Chevron Barn Doors

We Can Put Your Initials too.

Middle Chevron Modern Design

Custom Barn Doors with Numbers

Chevron Design with a Natural Stain

White 3 Chevron Design

Bypass With a Natural Stain

Organic Design

Benefits of Barn Doors

In small spaces, a barn door can be a great way to maximize the space you do have. Since barn doors slide against the wall instead of swinging outwards, they can be an excellent alternative to pocket doors, especially in crowded areas like hallways.

Barn doors also create a unique look. From rustic, modern to industrial, sliding barn doors can fit into all styles of home. Choices of finish and hardware mean you can choose a customized look by mixing and matching with different woods, finishes, and shapes.

In fact, barn doors can be a dramatic accent to your decor. You don’t just have to tuck them away in hallways, visualize using them as art features rooms like living or dining rooms.

Sliding doors also allow you to open or close a space easily, so you can create privacy or open up your space easily depending on your needs.